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Services Saver Bundle on select units

Bundled package included with selected rentals

Living here not only saves the enviroment but it also saves you a bundle. Some of our suites include electricity and heating. Right there your saving. No $350 desposit for hydro or account setup fees and account closure fees. Here there so no setup fees everything is already setup. Please note this service is available on full service rental packages only. If you have any questions please contact us for more information.



Value comparison other rentals vs
Up to this point you saved at least:
  • $350 Hydro Desposit
  • $50 Hydro's Account setup fee
  • $40 Gas company's Account setup
  • ($250) Gas deposit (if your unlucky)
  • $50 Your time filling out forms

There is two ways about going at renting the smart way, and the way everyone else is doing it. When you do your estimates or compare around add up all the costs, and hidden costs.