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This online application allows you to apply quickly and efficient for apartments at Make sure you select the correct home, apartment, suite listed below.In order to approve any tenancy all of the information below must be completed. All information is verified. An Ontario driver's license number and SIN are required and is part of the verification process. Please note if you do not have an Ontario driver's licence or a SIN you must apply by paper only. Your application will not be processed if the following form is not completed fully.

Please note this is a secure server and all information is processed discretely to protect your safety. Notice the URL, the HTTPS is a secure website. For your safety all requests to this website are logged. Your IP address is used to verify where requests came from. is a registered business in Canada. Abuser of this web site will be dealt with using the highest degree of law and is considered a criminal offense.

If you don't feel safe giving you information here there is a paper application available on request. The same information listed here is required. If you do not feel safe giving out the information requested here, does not feel comfortable with renting out our units to people lacking this information. This information is used to ensure you are who you say you are.

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By signing below, you certify that the information supplied above is true and correct, and that you give permission to the Landlord or Agent for the Landlord to obtain a credit check and/or verify that the information supplied above is true. An application deposit of $ 35 is required before this application will be considered for acceptance (to be applied to the security deposit if accepted, or refunded if rejected). Any false or misleading statements made in this application may be cause for immediate termination of the tenancy, if accepted, and/or forfeiture of any deposit(s) given in association with this application. If you are accepted for occupancy, but decline to accept the premises applied for, for any reason, then the application deposit will not be refunded. A security deposit of $

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(less application deposit) is required before occupancy (to be refunded only after premises have been vacated, providing it has been adequately cleaned and any damage has been repaired).