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The First Eco-friendly Rental Properties in Thunder Bay!

Here at we strive to help out the environment. By living at our locations you promote a green standard of living. It is the hope of our company that the experience of living in an eco-friendly home will rub off and as a result those residents might implement some changes to help the environment in future homes. Our locations have been modified and re-engineered to lower the impact of the homes on the environment. The accommodations have been professionally inspected by an EcoAdviser.

  Implementations completed so far include:
  -Decreased dependency on natural gas by the addition of high R value insulation
-Sealed entrances and added door closers to reduce heat loss
-Replaced all light bulbs to energy efficient type
-Installed electrical controls to reduce wasted electricity
-Composting program in use by residences to reduce landfill impact
-Recycling is used to the maximum
-Limit of 1 bag of garbage per week per unit
-Lowered water use from toilets by installing low consumption toilets
-Solar Water heating installation New Updated Jan 4 2008 is the first rental company to apply for a Solar Water Heating Building Permit in Thunder Bay

We've made a huge difference by switching over 100 wasteful incandescent (most 60w) bulbs to LED Bulbs (ranging 11w-24w). LED bulbs have recently become more cost efficient due to advances in brightness of LEDs. This move has not only increase efficiency in the bulbs but has also increased their lift span and reduced flickering completely. (At least from what the human eye can see)

This one change by itself is a huge power difference :

    -Before power used when all lights are used: 6000 watts or 6KW
    -After replacing bulbs: 2400 watt or 1.4KW
    -Reducing dependency on the grid by around 6000 - 2400 = 3600 watts per every hour the lights are used.
    -The impact on the environment that is not apparent or difficult to measure: reduced waste by increased bulb life
    -The numbers above are just estimates. The true power savings depends on how often the bulbs are on which varies from time to time.

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